my mini kitchen renovation

Finally it has begun. The kitchen mini renovation is making a slow start.

When we first moved into no. 41 I didn’t love the kitchen at all but some of it looked as if it had hardly been used and there was no way we could afford a new one. It felt really dark in there even though there is a huge window and a skylight at one end of the room. The dark stained worktops and dark grey/brown cupboards didn’t help with this and the chrome handles made the whole room feel modern and overall quite masculine.

I considered buying new doors but that was expensive due to the number of cupboards and all the built in appliances. I considered painting the existing doors but was worried the texture of the doors wouldn’t take the paint well.  And I considered buying a new lighter worktop but again cost was a factor.

So after toying with this for a while I decided to do a few key things to improve the kitchen and make it feel more me without a full on renovation:

1| Replace the silver handles. I searched probably for about five weeks in total and then found copper handles on eBay for under £6. Although when you need 21 this ends up being just over £100. The copper works well with the cupboard colour and also brightens up the doors immediately. I can’t wait to put them all on.

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2 | Replace the cream tiles with white. Now this may sound stupid to some as they are so similar but the cream brings out a brown tone in the cupboard and the white brings out a grey tone so immediately the room feels less ‘blah’. Luckily we have amazing friends who gave us enough white metro tiles to replace ours for free so this was a bonus. Annoyingly the floor tiles are cream but we can’t afford to do those. I mean of course if anyone has some spare floor tiles left over please do let me know!

3 | Sand the worktops. They have a really dark stain on them and I want them lighter to brighten the room a bit. I have found a YouTube video titled ‘Sanding and oiling a kitchen worktop’ so what could go wrong? I mean a lot if you read my blog post on upcycling my chest of drawers you’ll see why. This is still in the early stages as I need an entire weekend to get started on doing this so any tips in the meantime please do share.

3.1_kitchen renovation_worktop
existing worktop

4 | Change the tap. I have just bought the most beautiful copper tap which I am waiting to arrive. This will tie in with the handles and just brighten up the sink.

4.1_kitchen renovation_existing chrome tap
existing chrome tap

5 | Change the lighting. The current lighting situation is horrendous. The white (and dusty) spotlights are not my cup of tea and they are so horrible that I refuse to replace the bulbs as I don’t want to pay for them. I have had a few ideas for how to do this.

6 | My favourite part, accessories and styling. Once all of these are done I’m going to have a re-shuffle and create key areas in the kitchen. I’ve been getting some inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram already. I have so many accessories so I just need to pretty it all up and I am currently obsessing over this beautiful copper Newgate clock. I mean look how beautiful.

The handles are all going on this week so check in on my Instagram (@editbyeleven) where I’ll continue to share my story of the mini kitchen renovation.

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