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Firstly, huge apologies for the lack of blog posts over the past few months. It has been some of the busiest months ever and life took over but I am pleased to say I no longer have tonsils and I am now engaged! So all positive!

1.1_about me_engaged
He did good with this sparkler

When I started this blog I wasn’t sure if you lovely readers would be interested in the person behind edit by eleven. However, the more I speak to you through Instagram and the comments on the blog posts it seems some of you want to know more about me so here goes…

Why interiors?

I have always had a passion for interiors but I fell in love with them when I bought my first home, 11a. Suddenly, I stopped spending all my money on clothes and started spending what I had (which wasn’t much after I’d bought a house on my own) on things to make it a home. I spent all my weekends searching for things for the flat and changing things around. Until I met fellow interiors bloggers and lovers I thought I was the only strange person who spent hours moving things around the flat and taking photos. It’s ok though, there are loads of people just like me. From then on I knew interiors was my one true love (sorry Jack!)

My dream home

An old stone house in Bath, where I could fulfil my dream of a kitchen island and have lots of rooms to continuously decorate and faff in.

2.1_about me_Bath stone house
My Wiltshire dream (

My dream meal

Hmmm this is the toughest question. I love food and when I say I love food I’m not exaggerating. I plan my day around my food. I love winter food and it depends on what I fancy at the time as to what would be my dream meal but it most definitely would include a lot of cheese, pasta and red wine.

3.1 crab mac and cheese
Sainsbury’s crab mac and cheese for one

My favourite outfit

Again depends on the weather but at the moment it has to be jeans, and a funnel neck jumper, my shiny silver boots and a cosy scarf.


I couldn’t live without

Cleaning products. Oh and maybe candles

I wish I was good at

Gardening, running, plastering (as I could save a lot of money and also make a lot it seems!)

So finally to tie in with the Instagram trend here are 20 key facts about me:

1 | I’m 34

2 | I’m engaged (eek!)

3 | Have recently moved to Twickenham

4 | Drink too much Diet Coke

5 | Have an obsession with marble

6 | Am a tad OCD about cleaning

7 | Am a perfectionist

8 | Name all my plants

9 | Work in marketing for a TV company as my day job

10 |Enjoy wearing dungarees too much

11 | Have a photographic memory (I even know when a candle has moved a few inches, yes crazy!)

12 | Have a thing for the smell of fabric softener

13 | Own so many stripey tops I have a stripey top drawer

14 | Am the best parallel parker ever!

15 | Am REALLY nosey

16 | My favourite film is Home Alone 2 (not 1)

17 | I can deadlift 80kg and proud of it!

18 | I like everything on even numbers yet I often arrange things for the house in threes

19 | I absolutely love sending cards and could spend hours in card shops (and laughing at the funny ones too)

20 | I dream of owning my own interiors shop (in Bath)

a plant addiction





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