the bathroom renovation

You may recall in a previous post a house move and where to start decorating I listed all the rooms I wanted to tackle at no.41. Well for some reason the first room I decided to renovate was the bathroom (no idea why I made a list…)

The bathroom wasn’t my style at all. For some reason I always live in houses with square sinks that I really don’t like. The floors and walls have the same plain tiles and the built in sink cupboard is a dark wood, this definitely isn’t something I am particularly fond of.

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The bathroom renovation started with a random shopping trip to Kingston – I had actually managed to persuade Jack to go home shopping which was fun – where we bought some beautiful Oliver Bonas copper wire shelving for the bathroom. These lasted about two weeks before I decided copper wasn’t working in that room and they shortly got moved to the spare room – where everything goes when I don’t know where else to put it!

I then found the shelving unit of my dreams (yes, there is such a thing) in Loaf. It was much more rustic, the colour worked better with the sink cupboard and it was generally less intrusive in the room. Also, my existing H&M Home wooden boxes fit perfectly so I didn’t have to buy any additional storage for them.

I had bought a copper handle for £0.99 when we had the copper wire units so now needed to get one that worked with the new storage unit. I ordered matching bronze kitchen drawer handles from Dowsing and Reynolds (@dowsingandreynolds) but actually received the brass ones – probably through my confusion –  I tried them and they worked with the door handle so I kept them and am very pleased with how they look.

We managed to live with a bathroom without a mirror for four months, which is much harder than you first think it will be. I never realised how much I look in the mirror when cleaning my teeth! I had found a mirror I knew I wanted for the bathroom from The Little House Shop (@thelittlehouseshop) and I had to order it but I refused to put it up until we painted as I thought this would motivate me to paint. It took a while I will admit and just before Christmas we finally painted the bathroom.

I hadn’t predicted how horrendous using dark paint was (pre-warning to anyone who isn’t good at edging). I deliberated whether to keep it white or to go bold and paint it dark grey. After many hours of pondering, I decided if there was one room I could go dark in it was the bathroom so I got a couple of Farrow and Ball colours mixed (colour matched) in Railings and Downpipe. Railings looked almost black when I painted it on so decided to go with Downpipe.

4_bathroom renovation_colours
colour testing (yes my arrow is to the wrong colour)

The difference just from painting the walls was substantial, what was once quite a bleugh room suddenly felt much warmer and more stylish for a fraction of the cost of renovating the entire bathroom.

The total cost for the entire bathroom renovation was:

Paint | £36

Mirror | £115

Shelving unit | £195

Drawer handles | £15.98 (for 2)

Total | £361.98

It has spurred me on to continue painting the other rooms in the house and let’s be honest, with no money in January and lots of pots of paint in the loft it’s free entertainment…

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