redesigning the lighting in my home

I’ve been living with bare bulbs, awful plastic white spotlights and dwindling light (I refused to replace bulbs) since we moved in last August. Finally, the time had come to redesign the lighting and we could afford to get an electrician in (I mean we thought we could afford but it turned out to be a lot more money than we had planned for) and at last the lights I’ve had for months still in their boxes in the spare room were finally fitted.

First things first, we had some really old box switches upstairs, some light switches that were almost falling off the wall and downstairs there were silver plug sockets and switches. Nothing else I had was silver so these needed to be replaced (to me it was a need to others maybe just a nice to have)

For anyone who has looked to replace their switches and sockets, they cost an absolute fortune. You search Google for hours thinking you’ve come across some cheaper ones that are just as nice but alas there was always something wrong with them. Luckily we had some John Lewis vouchers (thanks Father Christmas) so I got brass sockets and switches for all rooms apart from the kitchen.

As everything else in the kitchen is slowly but surely being changed to copper I treated myself and got the most beautiful antique copper sockets from Dowsing and Reynolds. Yes, you can fall in love with an antique copper toggle switch.

I’d already considered re-mortgaging for the switches and sockets but I hadn’t even thought about lights. The kitchen lights were the ones I was most excited about as the spotlights hurt my eyes they were so horrific. I searched for ages as I didn’t want typical kitchen lights but the ceiling wasn’t high enough to have a copper bar and winding pendants on it.

Redesigning the lighting in my house
2.1 | a pipe dream

I found these copper industrial retro pendants from Amazon. Thankfully under £70 for all five lights which was cheaper than buying two sets of standard spotlights so I was winning.

I found it really difficult to decide what lights to go for in the lounge, dining room and main bedroom. I ended up having a shopping spree in Rockett St George for the lounge and dining room light. As the rooms are combined I contemplated having the same but nothing was working for them both so I chose a copper and mango wood pendant for the lounge. I still need to get a hook so the light can be directed to the best area in the room. For now however it’s just a fun game to try and avoid smacking your head on it when you get up from the sofa. I’m planning on getting this hook from Dowsing and Reynolds, I just need to get paid first…

4.1| Lighting_hook
4.1 |copper hook
4.2| Lighting_lounge_edited
4.2 | mango wood and copper

The dining room light is an antique brass ceiling light with a matte grey shade. I wanted this to hang over the centre of the table, it was meant to have a longer cable so again I could direct the light a little more but it was cut before I realised so it is now one length and one length only. Ahhhh hindsight.

5.1| Lighting_dining room_edited
5.1 | antique grey pendant

I searched A LOT for a bedroom light and knew I needed something that wasn’t just a pendant light. I was struggling to find something I actually liked and that worked with the bedroom colours. I found the Baya Nest light from Dowsing and Reynolds and although I was so tempted by the copper I got the black as it worked with the bed frame and the rest of the room.

6.1| Lighting_bedroom_edited
6.1 | wire cage light

The landing light is a cluster brass pendant light from It’s not looking its best at the moment as the landing needs redecorating but it’s now on a dimmer rather than blinding me every time I walk down the stairs. It feels like everything is coming together at last, just to redecorate.

7.1| Lighting_landing_edited
7.1 | cluster pendant

Would love to know what you think of my lights and if you have a favourite? Follow my Instagram to see more snaps.





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