My open plan decorating project

my open plan decorating project

Decorating my open plan lounge has been a while in the planning. When I say planning I mean working out when Ma and Pops Yeoman were free for a whole weekend to come and work their bottoms off and help us for two solid days. They were of course rewarded with love and a nice meal (although we were all too shattered to properly enjoy it!)

Although I had been thinking about how to decorate the living room/dining room/hall [yes, open plan] since we moved in August last year, suddenly the fear hit me on the Thursday night and I had no idea what to do. Obviously, I’d just been pinning pretty pictures on Pinterest for months on end with no actual plan in place. So, I went on a panicked trip to Bunnings Warehouse and the Friday night involved paint trials on the wall as a quick decision needed to be made.

It was between Farrow and Ball Railings or Black Blue*. It was decided Railings was the way to go and bright and early on Saturday morning, (way too bright and early if you ask Jack) Pops was up and sanding – it wasn’t even 7am. I like his work ethic though, it means stuff gets done and that makes me one happy lady.

As the colour was so dark we initially decided to paint just the fireplace area in case it was too much. Once we had started though I struggled to stop, and we ended up painting the entire wall with the almost black paint. Pops had fear in his eyes but I was confident (kind of) that it would be amazing and surprisingly Jack agreed with me.

We were so pleased we braved it and didn’t just do part of the wall, it really helps create different areas. This is one rather large room which now has several areas. It also makes the TV look less obvious which is always a winner for me.

During this weekend of intense DIY, we (Pops and Jack) also fitted five blinds in the house. This changed all the rooms beyond my wildest dreams – I’m not even exaggerating! The disgusting blue curtains we’d inherited in the lounge were gone and the change was amazing.

For those who are interested, rather than getting the blinds custom made and paying a small fortune we bought ready-made white roller blinds from John Lewis and cut them to size. They look great and because we didn’t have the money they were a great budget option.

My open plan decorating project My open plan decorating project My open plan decorating project My open plan decorating project My open plan decorating project My open plan decorating project 4.5 | lounge renovation | Fred in his new homeMy open plan decorating projectMy open plan decorating project My open plan decorating project There are elements of the room that are still taking shape now. We’ve commissioned a table and bench to be made bespoke (for free) by Pops, after all what’s retirement for if not this?! We still haven’t put any artwork on the wall, although I am currently loving the leaning artwork look so maybe we won’t for a while. And when the weather warms up I plan on painting the front door. But for a weekend of work I’m pretty impressed what a team of four can do.

It was then all ready for the delivery of the long-awaited snuggle chair…

My open plan decorating project

More renovations to come soon as we take on the upstairs floor and the stairs…

*As always when I say Farrow and Ball I mean a cheap colour mix from my local Johnstones.



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