bringing light into a dark room

Its been a while since I’ve written a post as I’ve been focusing on building edit by eleven now I have a day a week to do it, planning a wedding ( which is only 3 months away now!) and doing a mini MBA. I’ve had lots and lots of lovely questions on the pictures I’ve shared of our upstairs updates on Instagram so I thought it was time I wrote a post on it and shared the experience.

When we first moved in the landing was dark tongue and groove floorboards and the bedroom was carpeted with this cheap and dirty beauty.



I have a severe hatred of carpets – mostly because they get dirty and i’m very VERY unlucky with them – so I knew they had to go. When we ripped them up luckily there were tongue and groove floorboards underneath which were the same as the stairs. Sadly not the original flooring (which would have been a dream come true) but it was definitely something I could work with.

2.1 | original stairs2.2 | original landing2.3 | pine overload2.4 | pine on pine2.5 | hiding the pine2.6 | the view of the stairs

I pinned floors for months you can see my board of inspo here trying to decide what to do. I learnt sanding the floorboards – as they were much thinner than the original ones – could affect the quality of them. Also the fear of the amount of dust, and then potentially ruining the floors and having to pay out for new ones, was too much so I opted for painting them. See some of my inspo…

I LOVE clean white painted floorboards but I wasn’t sure how it would cover over the dark. We were also getting the landing decorated at the same time and this was driving me mad so I made the decision just to go for it and get a decorator in to do it ( the first time I’d not painted something myself! )

The floors were sanded first by hand ( although to be honest I’m not sure how well they did it ) and then a primer applied before three coats of white floor paint from Leyland Paint. I had read a lot online that if you choose Farrow & Ball or another premium paint brand the floors marked quite easily. So, I decided to go practical and I wanted brilliant white anyway so it felt as clean and light as possible.

I didn’t realise quite what an upheaval it would be. We lived downstairs in the lounge but the bathroom is upstairs so even though we were careful we kept marking the tacky paint. I lost it when my sock got stuck in the paint and decided it was time to leave for a few days and let the paint dry properly.

We returned to some pretty white floors which made the whole of the upstairs and the stairs themselves feel so much brighter. The landing felt totally different and so light, however the decorators hadn’t done the job properly on the woodwork ( high standards ) so I spent a day touching it all up.

5.7 | bedroom5.8| bedroom5.10 | bedroomDSC06592DSC06607DSC06617DSC06638DSC06675LRG_DSC06444LRG_DSC064595.11 | the view5.9 | bedroom

I love how they look and they really do make the whole house feel so much cleaner and brighter but to be brutally honest they are hard to keep clean and rugs are a must. The floor has already marked and there are a couple of chips which I keep meaning to touch up but never get around to. I thought they would add character but actually the floor is still dark underneath ( hence why I think they didn’t sand it properly ) so it doesn’t have quite the same look.

In hindsight ( ahh what a wonderful thing ) I probably would have had professional sanders in to do the floors and then made the decision after that but in the interest of ease and cost I am happy with the result.

Another thing to be slightly wary of, it did still smell of paint several months later…

Let me know what you think of the change, white floors aren’t everyones cup of tea as it can be quite stark so I would love to know if you think it feels warm enough. Also if you have had a white painting experience please tell me all!


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