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I’m back after several months of silence (sorry), it’s already 2019 (I mean how?!) and I’m even married now! But I won’t ramble on about all the reasons why I haven’t written a blog post in a while, instead I wanted to share with you one of the predicted interior trends of 2019, indoor gardening, and show you how I bring the outside in at number 41.

I actually used to really dislike any kind of greenery indoors, I think this stems from memories of dying plants in plastic pots in old people’s houses, random I know. So when I first moved into my own home I didn’t have any plants at all and I was happy with it.

Then I stumbled upon Forest London and everything changed. In all honesty I think it was the pots that swayed me – I am rather taken by concrete pots and natural texures.

No sooner did I buy my first plant (and pot) – a succulent – I went out and bought more for the other rooms in the house. That’s another super thing about greenery, it works everywhere. My advice would be not to get as overexcited as I did, I started out with simple succulents as everyone told me you couldn’t kill them – I can. I was too confident too early on and bought monsteras and palm plants. I’ll be honest it was touch and go and sadly several were lost along the way but I am actually beginning to understand when I’m starting to kill them now. Then I frantically drop everything to resuscitate them – baby steps.

It’s a relatively cheap update to make in your home or flat and can totally change a room. It makes it feel much fresher and they improve the air quality in your home so everyone’s winning. In my rather monochrome home it adds a perfect pop of colour.

The good news is your greenery doesn’t even have to be alive (although then you don’t get the clean air benefit). My absolute favourite, eucalyptus, is a perfect candidate for drying and it looks great dried in a vase. I am also partial to hydrangeas and these dry brilliantly too.

I’ve even dried my bridal bouquet and flower crown and used these for décor on industrial hooks in the hallway.

I don’t think my obsession with indoor gardening is going away anytime soon…

So if anyone has any other plant suggestions for me please let me know!

I’ve had a little scour to find some good indoor greenery pots and vases for your home. You. Are. Welcome.

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