home styling

If you’re just not sure where to start when redecorating and are looking for someone to help you transform your home then I’m here to help you.

I offer an online styling service to inspire you with those initial ideas, source furniture and accessories, choose paint colour palettes and if required I can even review the layout of your room. It’s as simple as that and prices start from £125 a room. 

So lets get started, I promise it’s easy!

What’s first…

I need to know all about your space and what you use it for. What’s your style, both personally and in the rest of your house. Have you already seen something you like or maybe the room just isn’t working for you at the moment and you need advice. If so let me know what you want me to help you with. Photos are a must and room measurements are needed if you would also like a room layout.

I want to make sure you get the perfectly curated room for you so this is when we talk timings and budgets and ultimately when the fun begins!


Leave it with me…

Once you’ve briefed me this is when I take over and start bringing all my ideas together. I will of course keep you updated on my progress as I have my fun pulling lots of beautiful ideas together for you.


The reveal…

This is the exciting bit, I share my plans with you. A final moodboard, a list of sourced products based on your budget and a new layout for the room – if this has been requested – will all be supplied. This will give you everything you need to create your new room. I for one will be very excited to see it come alive!


I am also more than happy to help in person if you live in the London or South West area just get in touch and we can chat to see how I can help you.